Creative Jumpstarts: Color Landscape

Lets take a simple format for a landscape just a horizon line, not in the middle of the paper, and perhaps a line above it indicating some feature like a row of trees or distant piece of mountains.  I want you to play with color, using many different options, yellow skies, grey skies, red skies, whatever energizes your creativity.  Then follow up that choice with a foreground color that relates or contrast with it.  This will be a very easy jump start but I always like to remind you that the reason for these are to get you moving, get you thinking, or to remove that block that you have that tells you that you can’t paint.  You always have enough time to paint if you think in smaller blocks of time.  Do several of these and have fun.  I really have the most fun with these because it gives me great ideas for new color chords and ways to abstract the feeling of light.

18 x 24 arches cold press

18 x 24 arches cold press

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