Creative Jumpstart: Draw Something Everyday

Draw Something Everyday

Draw something everyday, now I know that sounds daunting, but its not, and then again what is your goal, if it is to be a talented artist than your drawing skills are important.  Relying forever on the lame excuse that you can’t draw and then tracing photos will not get you there.  It may satisfy the uninformed and make your ego feel good but it is a trap.  The only way to learn to draw is to do it, the best time is now and today is the day to start.  I think that the act of drawing gets all confused with the perfect ideal of the great drawings of Michelangelo or Andrew Wyeth.  To draw something might just be to take 5 minutes and grab your little spiral pad out of your pocket and put down three persons walking across the park or a quick drawing of the neighbors border collie frolicking with a Frisbee.  Start with the impulse to draw and follow it up with action you will be surprised how fast it becomes second nature to reach into your pocket and grab your sketch pad.

Down the road you can major detailed drawing if that is your goal but right now just draw something everyday

5 minute drawing on watercolor paper

5 minute sketch of some of my hats  5″ x 5″

5 minute sketch of coffee cups next to laptop.  Not very good but not the point either.

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